Ruavieja brings you another moving Christmas campaign

– The liqueur brand has launched its much-awaited Christmas campaign based on the scientific finding confirming that our lives flash before our eyes just before we die

MADRID, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Galician liqueur brand Ruavieja has launched “The movie of your life,” its Christmas campaign designed by TBWASpain, the creative agency led by Juan García-Escudero. The project, which is inspired by a scientific discovery made by neurosurgeon Ajmal Zemmar, aims to encourage people to reflect on life and the importance of all those moments that together make up each person’s story.

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A campaign based on a scientific discovery

Renowned neurosurgeon Ajmal Zemmar, a doctor and assistant professor at the University of Louisville, and his team witnessed a remarkable serendipitous event: the first-ever recording of a person’s brain activity in the last seconds of their life.

The result confirms the theory that life flashes before our eyes when we pass away. This finding was reported in the study published in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience in 2022.

Eight people, one life experiment

Ruavieja has used this finding to create its Christmas campaign, which has a powerful message: a person’s story is made up of shared moments that will be remembered at the very end.

To represent this in a tangible way, eight people took part in a unique experiment: making “the movie of their life.” They were called without knowing they were about to have a unique experience: watching a large projection of what a film of their lives would look like just now. A collection of the most important moments of their existence, with something in common for all participants: the stars of the film were their loved ones.

Ruavieja then captured the moment when they watched the film, as well as their reactions, reminding us of the importance of spending time with the people we love.

The campaign takes the spirit of the iconic 2018 “We have to see more of each other” campaign and ends with the same slogan, reminding us to prioritise what really matters in life.

The advertisement was designed by the agency TBWASpain led by Juan García-Escudero and was directed by Félix Fernández de Castro. The “soundtrack to their lives” was composed by the renowned Goya- and Latin Grammy Award-winning composer Fernando Velázquez, with an original song for the videos and the project.

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