One of ‘ArabiaWeather’ Companies has been selected Among PwC Net Zero Future50 for Smart Solutions in Climate Change Management in MENA region

Dubai, UAE, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PwC, the leading consulting firm, has announced the selection of one of the ‘ArabiaWeather’ companies specializing in smart solutions for climate change management, ‘MeteoWeather’, among PwC Net Zero Future50 for Smart Solutions in Climate Change Management in the MENA region. This announcement was made in a report released in Dubai last week.

One of "ArabiaWeather" Companies has been selected Among PwC Net Zero Future50 for Smart Solutions in Climate Change Management in MENA region

As per the PwC Net Zero Future50 report for the Middle East, the best-performing companies in the region were identified and selected for their continuous efforts in confronting climate change, which has become an urgent need for individuals, governments, and businesses to take necessary actions to mitigate its effects.

MeteoWeather, one of the companies under the umbrella of ArabiaWeather, was chosen due to its significant excellence achieved through the utilization of advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are integrated with innovative climate solutions that aid in crisis management, disaster response, and mitigating the various consequences of climate crises.

MeteoWeather offers a range of solutions linked to ‘climate security’ for a variety of industries. Through integrated consulting and technical solutions, this set of products contributes to improving the concept of climate security and climate adaptation through integrated consulting and technological solutions tailored to each sector. These include organizational features for the workforce, operational procedures ensuring the reduction of risks and impacts of challenging climates, improved and efficient operational processes, climate disaster management, and increased readiness and preparedness. Several companies and governments in the Arab world utilize this set of products.

Mr. Mohammed Al Shaker, the CEO of the ArabiaWeather Group, stated, “We are honored and pleased to be selected as one of the top 50 innovative companies in the Middle East and North Africa in the PwC Net Zero Future50 report. This reaffirms our ongoing commitment to leveraging innovative technology to combat climate change. As a company, we dedicate ourselves to providing solutions that not only address the challenges posed by climate change but also empower various sectors to thrive and sustain their operations.”

It is worth noting that PwC issued this report on the 21st of November during an event held in Dubai, UAE. The official report can be accessed through this link: PwC Report.

MeteoWeather is the foremost company providing climate solutions and climate security technologies in the Middle East and North Africa. Distinguished by its intelligent systems using cutting-edge software and algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, MeteoWeather delivers climate security solutions and decision-support solutions for precise decision-making across various sectors. The company’s main mission is to improve preparedness, reduce climate risks, manage disasters and crises, minimize human losses, enhance quality of life, contribute to the longevity and sustainability of climate adaptation, and reduce carbon emissions to create a safe planet for current and future generations.

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