MuscleBlaze BIOZORB Whey Protein redefines fitness in UAE with Cutting-edge Science

DUBAI, UAE, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MuscleBlaze BIOZORB whey protein is a revolutionary supplement taking the UAE by storm. Trusted by 6M+ athletes worldwide, the formula offers a clinically proven 50% boost in protein absorption. This is a game-changer in post-workout nutrition, promoting unparalleled recovery, and lean muscle development.

MuscleBlaze BIOZORB Whey Protein redefines fitness in UAE with Cutting-Edge Science

Revealing Scientific Brilliance: U.S. Patent validates BIOZORB’s Innovation

MuscleBlaze BIOZORB whey protein range transcends conventional supplements with its U.S. Patent published formulation. This underscores MuscleBlaze’s commitment to advancing the boundaries of nutritional science.

Maximizing Performance: Clinically Tested 50% Enhanced Protein Absorption

Backed by clinical trials, the BIOZORB whey protein range delivers a proven 50% increase in protein absorption. Each serving optimizes recovery, propels lean muscle gains, minimizes bloating, and elevates overall fitness.

A Trusted Legacy: After India and Singapore, Now Also Accessible in Dubai

MuscleBlaze understands the fitness goals of the people in UAE. Whether one is a gym-going bodybuilder, a runner, a yogi, or sweating it out in spin classes, MuscleBlaze’s BIOZORB Performance Whey, BIOZORB Iso-Zero range, and other fitness supplements will deliver exceptional results. MuscleBlaze’s advanced technology ensures that one feels the full power with every scoop.

Conveniently Available Online on Noon, Sporter & Amazon, and

Experience the MuscleBlaze difference with just a click. This revolutionary fitness nutrition range including protein & creatine is available in UAE across all leading online platforms such as Noon, Sporter, and Amazon. The brand’s website will also be out to serve Dubai at by the end of May.

Expert Testimony: Redefining Post-Workout Nutrition Standards, Globally

“At MuscleBlaze, we’re pushing the boundaries of sports nutrition. The years of research for BIOZORB whey protein represent a leap forward in protein absorption technology and the global recognition solidifies its position as a leader in muscle recovery,” says Kaustuv Paliwal, Sr Vice President at MuscleBlaze.

Internationally Tested & Halal Certified: Excellence in Every Scoop

MB BIOZORB whey protein range is globally committed to delivering high-quality supplements that are all Halal certified. MuscleBlaze ensures the range exceeds industry benchmarks by enabling the product authenticity check feature for all customers.

The BIOZORB whey protein range has proved that it’s the future of performance nutrition. With a published U.S. Patent, clinical acclaim, and the trust of millions, MuscleBlaze is now set to redefine fitness nourishment in the Middle East.




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