Moby, the Next On-chain Options Protocol, Mainnet Launch

  • Defining DeFi’s Future, Moby leads with resolved liquidity and spread challenges on Options
  • Pioneering options protocol: Moby uniquely earns Arbitrum grant even before the launch
  • Building Blocks: Moby’s foundational Infrastructure for Integrating Real World Assets in DeFi

SINGAPORE, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Moby, an on-chain options protocol backed by its pioneering Synchronized Liquidity Engine (SLE), rendering real-time accurate pricing; narrowest spread in the market; maximum liquidity; and Robinhood-class UI/UX, has officially launched on the Arbitrum Mainnet.

Moby, the Next On-chain Options Protocol, Mainnet Launch

Moby’s pioneering efforts in the DeFi space have already been recognized, as it was to receive the Arbitrum Foundation Grant, making it the first options protocol to earn this distinction even before its official launch. Since its alpha launch on the Arbitrum Mainnet just ten days ago, Moby has generated over $300 million in options trade volume, achieving one of the highest trade volumes among all on-chain options protocols.

Moby offers a favorable trading environment with controlled risk exposure, high leverage, and no liquidation risk for options traders. Moby’s robust infrastructure is anchored by its Synchronized Liquidity Engine (SLE) and Dynamic Risk Premium model, enabling real-time, accurate pricing, dynamic risk management, and ample liquidity for efficient market operations.

Additionally, Moby is dedicated to bringing high passive income while ensuring stable risk management through real-time automatic hedging. By maintaining its Options Liquidity Pools (OLPs) in a Greeks-neutral state, Moby minimizes the impact on profits and losses during extreme market volatility, source of a consistent income stream.

Moving forward, Moby’s mission is set to transform the sector by developing foundational infrastructure for all on-chain options and derivatives, including structured products, Liquid Restaked Tokens (LRT) and Real World Assets (RWA). From a business standpoint, Moby plans to lead and expand the on-chain options vertical by integrating with existing financial services and promoting institutional adoption.

“Moby has resolved liquidity and spread issues found in centralized exchanges, enabling options trading to be instant and available 24/7, thus significantly improving the trading experience,” stated Ben, Moby’s CEO. “The on-chain derivatives market has seen robust growth, and it is anticipated that the options market will now expand significantly, similar to traditional finance. Moby is the plan to be at the forefront of this surge.”

Coinciding with its official launch on the Arbitrum network, Moby has rolled out a points system for early access users. This initiative allows users to earn points based on their interactions with the Moby platform, serving as a loyalty.

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Led by a team with extensive experience in finance, blockchain, and data science, Moby is an on-chain options protocol to lead the next narrative for DeFi. Moby offers an optimized trading environment based on its pioneering SLE (Synchronized Liquidity Engine) and Dynamic Risk Premium model, which enables real-time accurate pricing, narrowest spread in the market, abundant liquidity, and Robinhood-class UI/UX. Moby is set to provide new features such as capital efficiency improvement models, structured products, short-term options, and tokenized options positions to welcome institutions and traditional TradFi audience.


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