Hevolution Foundation Convenes 2000 Delegates for Inaugural Global Healthspan Summit and Announces Nearly $100 Million to Drive Healthier Aging Worldwide

  • Hevolution CEO Dr. Mehmood Khan welcomed over 120 world-class speakers and nearly 2000 delegates to the inaugural Global Healthspan Summit to chart a new path for healthier aging and catalyze a worldwide shift from lifespan to healthspan.
  • Hevolution to announce nearly $100 million during the two-day event to boost investment and accelerate scientific discovery in the healthspan field.
  • Hevolution revealed a $40 million anchor contribution to the largest XPRIZE in history, a 7-year competition with a $101 million prize to develop therapies to make aging healthier.
  • Hevolution launched the Breakthrough Innovation Alliance with $10 million in base funding, uniting entrepreneurs, investors, and industry partners to guide high-potential companies working on healthspan breakthroughs.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Mehmood Khan, CEO of the global non-profit Hevolution Foundation, set the stage for a paradigm shift in global aging with the inauguration of the first-ever Global Healthspan Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Hevolution Global Healthspan Summit

As the largest event of its kind, the Global Healthspan Summit welcomed over 120 world-class speakers and nearly 2000 delegates to co-create a healthier future for aging societies worldwide. It brought together health leaders, pharmaceutical executives, policymakers, and geroscientists alongside former astronauts, AI experts, academics, and entrepreneurs, among other stakeholders.

The opening of the two-day event saw action-based conversations around catalyzing research, entrepreneurship, investment, and international collaboration in the emerging field of healthspan science. Sessions explored the societal impacts of population aging, the pharmaceutical ecosystem, and next-generation medicine, featuring speakers from institutions such as 5am Ventures, Eli Lilly, GSK, Harvard University, Lifera, Mayo Clinic, Milken Institute, Ministry of Health for Saudi Arabia, National University of Singapore, Reckitt, World Bank, and World Health Organization.

Reflecting on the opening of the event, Dr. Khan said: “The Global Healthspan Summit is an urgent call for action to revolutionize our perspective on aging. It challenges us to translate scientific advancements into tangible solutions that can enhance the quality of life for people across the globe. It is a central meeting place where we can shape a collective vision for healthier aging reinforced by measurable impact.”

Hevolution will announce nearly $100 million in funding over the two-day event taking its commitments to date to approximately $250 million. During the opening day, Hevolution revealed pivotal initiatives to boost investment and accelerate scientific discovery in the healthspan field, including:

  • $101 million XPRIZE Healthspan: Dr. Khan, together with XPRIZE Foundation Founder and Executive Chair Dr. Peter Diamandis, launched the largest XPRIZE in history. As the single-largest funder for XPRIZE Healthspan, Hevolution’s $40 million contribution reflects its commitment to inspiring a healthier aging future where everyone can thrive. With this funding, teams around the world will compete in a 7-year global competition in a race to develop therapeutics that support healthier aging.
  • The Hevolution Breakthrough Innovation Alliance: Hevolution launched an innovative global partnership with $10 million in base funding, which will provide mentorship and capital to 10-12 high-potential companies working on breakthroughs in healthspan.

The second day of the Global Healthspan Summit will further explore the next great leaps in the field of healthspan science and longevity, as well as unveil additional funding announcements that will inspire a global shift from lifespan to healthspan.

The Global Healthspan Summit comes at a pivotal time as the world is undergoing a rapid population shift. By 2050, the global population over 60 years old is set to double to 2 billion people. Moreover, two-thirds of people over 60 will live in low- and middle-income countries. The Global Healthspan Summit is a pivotal step in transcending cultural and geographical boundaries to redefine aging in terms of opportunity instead of decline.

“Today we have seen what is possible when the world’s best minds gather with a common goal to change the world for the benefit of everyone,” said Her Royal Highness Dr. Haya Khaled Al Saud, Hevolution Foundation Vice President of Organizational Strategy and Development. “Working together as never before, the global healthspan community can bring lasting change and help everyone in our aging world to thrive.”

This is just the beginning of what healthspan has to offer in real-world applications. Novel therapeutics that extend healthy human lifespan will redefine healthcare in the 21st century. As a convener, collaborator, and catalyst, Hevolution is bringing together diverse perspectives to help medicine keep pace with aging.

About Hevolution Foundation

Founded on the belief that every person has the right to live a longer, healthier life, Hevolution Foundation is a global catalyst, partner, and convener on a mission to drive efforts to extend healthy human lifespan and understand the processes of aging. With a focus on aging as a treatable process, Hevolution Foundation aims to increase the number of aging-related treatments on the market, compress the timeline of drug development, and increase accessibility to therapeutics that extend healthy lifespan, also known as healthspan. A global non-profit organization headquartered in Riyadh with a North American hub and an annual budget of up to $1 billion, Hevolution Foundation plans to open offices in other global locations to support a cutting-edge, global ecosystem of talent to propel aging and geroscience research forward and achieve medical breakthroughs to help humanity live healthier, longer.

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