5 Universities integrate AI Teachers from OIAI into their academic curriculum

LONDON, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Otermans Institute (OI) launch its AI teachers in 5 universities across 3 continents.  Apart from the UK, universities from Palestine, Pakistan, Turkey and Kenya integrate the OIAI technology into their academic curriculum.

Otermans Institute (OI) launch its AI teachers in 5 universities across 3 continents.

OI equipped them with a fully AI-driven course: students can initiate their lessons from any digital device and interact with the AI teacher using voice and text inputs, while attending the class.  The digital human teacher can answer them in real-time, tailoring the teaching content according to their needs.

Otermans Institute’s AI teachers are operated by OIAI, the fine-tuned language model developed by the same organisation. They have a humanlike face and a voice. They can create and deliver any teaching content, tailoring them according to the single student’s needs and replying to their questions in real time.

Additionally, OIAI’s teachers can assess the students’ performance and provide grades. Students have praised their ability to provide live answers and personalised feedback as their most valuable feature.

This initiative is not just about integrating the latest technology into education but reshaping how education is delivered and experienced.

“We are not only creating AI teachers that can teach to anyone globally but also humanising AI at the same time. OIAI is not creating another chatbot or another e-learning platform. At Otermans Institute, we are solving the problem of teaching and learning 2.0 by removing the difficulty that learners face when they are forced to choose between interactivity and accessibility. Our digital human teacher encompasses knowledge bases, the ability to make small talk, to clear any doubts at any time, and to speak in real-time despite being a synthetic avatar. OIAI also provides insights to educators who can now spend their time providing personalised support to students. At the same time, the AI does the bulk of the teaching,” – said the founders, Dr Pauldy Otermans and Dev Aditya.

Through OIAI-collected data, institutions can effortlessly monitor students’ progress at their convenience, identifying areas for improvement in a fraction of the time and the budget currently required.

As the newest universities using the OIAI technology, Arab American University, Bahria University, Ibn Haldun University, and CUEA have come to the forefront of this educational revolution and become the first to do so in their respective countries.

Apart from partnering with higher educational institutions, Otermans Institute’s AI teachers will teach and empower young girls in Kenya and Zambia, supporting the Women in STEAM Initiative.

Adopting the AI teacher into the traditional curriculum demonstrates a commitment to innovation and a willingness to explore new frontiers in learning. The course’s design ensures that students receive a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, enhanced by the AI’s ability to provide real-time, data-driven insights.

New institutions that want to adopt the tech-driven approach proposed by Otermans Institute can join the January/February cohort of OIAI. Institutions from Latin America participating in this cohort will introduce this technology to the region for the first time ever.

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